At the Rufus C. and Leola Goff Family Foundation, we believe in our abilities to change lives. We are an all-inclusive organization. We do not turn away anyone who may need our help or those who just want to take part in what we have to offer. Rich and poor, old and young, sinner or saint, people of all races, creeds, and colors, even people of other faiths, you are all welcome. Come and see what we have to offer you.

Health & Wellness 

The Health and Wellness program is designed to promote and implement intervention initiatives which result in health-positive behaviors. By offering health education, the RCLG Family Foundation seeks to directly involve individuals in their own health promotion maintenance. Health promotion and disease prevention is the cornerstone of our program. 

     We take an active approach by collaborating with wellness facilities, churches, community based organizations and educators desiring to implement health and wellness strategies. Educational literature, workshops and health fairs are provided at our annual conferences.

Sherita Goff-Oglesby

Funds Developer/Business Strategist

Our Programs

Chris Goff-Kelly


Health &Wellness

Bill Kelly

Mentoring Program


There are worlds of different circumstances that can make it difficult for anyone to experience all that life has to offer. Our mentoring program can make a tremendous difference in one's outlook. We do not do what we do alone. We work with a wide spectrum of individuals and organizations who help us provide the resources, educational opportunities and much more to enhance the mentoring experience. This program is offered to the man in the family from youth to adult.

     We partner with schools, religious organizations, local businesses and peer organizations to provide academic support and other resources to perform community service activities.

Gail Goff-McClenton

Puppet Program

Performing Arts
Our goal is to provide the highest quality performing arts education locally and beyond for the purpose of improving self-esteem, building confidence and empowering well-rounded expressive individuals through training workshops, practice and live performances. Instructors are from a variety of backgrounds in the performance arts industry. Participation in our programs are open to the public and for all ages.

G.A.P. (God's Anointed Puppeteers)
God's Anointed Puppeteers is one of many ways youth and adults can show their creative side. Our desire is to share with others alternatives to daily challenges through humorous and sometimes emotional songs and skits that are thought provoking yet fun. The puppeteers enjoy participating in public engagements like youth rallies, annual programs, nursing homes and much more.

Liturgical Dance Program

Heritage Dance Ministry
The goal of LDP is to effectively communicate to others through dance. When we communicate with a clear message through movement, we are able to speak to the needs of others for strengthening, encouragement and comfort. Training includes  interpretive, pageantry, flags, streamers, mime, gospel hip-hop and stomp. 
     In addition to the many public engagements around town, our dance team receives invitations to minister at nursing homes, for reunions, weddings, funerals, women and men conferences and many other events. For more information, visit the Heritage Dance Ministry website at for the calendar of events and to schedule the team for an engagement. 

Other Resources

‚ÄčGrant Writing, Board Development, Non-Profit Services

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